Monthly Archive: June 2017


Many Ways of Teaching Permaculture

The Regenerative Design Group did an excellent analysis of the current state of Permaculture education in their article Mapping the Permaculture Education Ecosystem.  The following graphic makes a nice visual summary: The article concludes with some good observations of and opportunities for improvements in the Permaculture education system.


No Time Like The Present

“All men are created equal.”  Some people think that is a fine sentiment; some people think that is a bald-faced lie.  But in one sense, it is an absolute, immutable law of nature: in the sense that, for each and every single day, each and every single one of us gets exactly 24 hours — 1440 minutes — 88640 seconds to spend.  Now if I were to add “exactly how we wished”, that would be a lie, but unless we are imprisoned or enslaved, we generally do have some say over how we spend those minutes.  So the question becomes,...


On The Move

Blogspot has served me well for the past several years, but I am starting to feel more ambitious. So I am transitioning over to this new WordPress blog. I have no immediate plans to get rid of the Blogspot site, but as this site is serving as an external annotated bookmark list, I will eventually want all my content in one place. So don’t be surprised if the archives start getting filled up with backdated articles!


For Musical Masochists….

Donatien Alphonse François, Marquis de Sade was born on June 2, 1740.  In honor of his birthday, I present you with the two most painful pieces of music I have ever heard: There are many, many recordings of Steve Reich’s Music for Pieces of Wood, and I could have tortured you for hours with all of them.  They do sound pretty similar, though, leaving you with the question, is the ringing in your ears meant to be part of the music? What makes this video particularly excruciating is eliminating the human element, just seeing the pure geometry of the passing...